Italian Wine Crypto Bank Token

Buy IWB tokens and you are immediately in for growth.

Gain access to the fine wines of IWCB’s Partner wineries with exceptional advantages. Trade the tokens on the secondary market.

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The IWCB is an innovative project born to transform the relationship between fine wines, Italian in primis, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. It proposes a revolutionary business concept, one that vouches for a certain and significant value that rises with time. As all projects of this kind, IWCB relies on Believers who support both its development and achievement of successful targets and in exchange are rewarded with significant benefits.

Believers are invited to purchase digital assets (IWB utility tokens) issued by the IWCB, which are redeemable at any time with the wine stocked by the IWCB. In addition, Believers are rewarded with several benefits compensating them for their choice to support the IWCB.

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you will have IMMEDIATE unrestrained control over your IWB tokens

The IWB token is a voucher linked to a simple yet infallible business idea that promises steady growth over time. The first issuance of “IWB” tokens comes at end of an already completed phases of the project, with a solid group of 40 founding Partner Wineries already formed, which provided the IWCB with a valuable stock of fine and rare wines.

From the time of your purchase, you will have unrestrained control over your IWB tokens that are enlisted with premier exchanges.

You will be free to trade them on the secondary market knowing that IWCB would do all the possible efforts to support the use of the tokens in its network, leaving any further increase in their value to the efforts of others.

bottles 1 BUY IWB TOKENS
Allegrini Fieramonte


The IWB token represents a post-functionality, non-security, consumptive utility token since the IWCB wine stock is available since the beginning, at the issuance of the tokens. In other words, after the finalization of the IEO tokens are immediately usable for their intended purpose. They are used to purchase a product, the wine, available through the network on which it was created.

  • is an innovative and new generation of cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum blockchain

  • has the functionality of a voucher for the payment of the exclusive selection of IWCB wines (and from June 2022 for products and services from IWCB Partner Wineries and Suppliers).

  • is linked to the market value of the wine stored by IWCB and represents units of that value, that is, the value of tokens at their issuance is always upheld by the value of wine stored by IWCB.

  • is enlisted with premiere Exchanges

  • extends its utility and guarantees its holders a higher value (in IWCB wine stock units) at the moment of its redemption if the IWCB wine stock value increases due to the aging of the wine

  • may purchase tokens with selected cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, USDC, USDT, XRP, ADA, SOL)

  • are entitled to the potential benefits of freely trading them on the secondary market.

  • can redeem them at any stage after the finalisation on the IEO, for units of the market value of the IWCB stored wine

  • are rewarded with other exclusive benefits, namely periodical bonus tokens proportional to the number of tokens already owned

  • will have your status converted to that of an Account Holder if you decide to redeem your tokens in wine and proceed to any purchase from the IWCB portfolio.